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Pictures of the Magic Tour - Game with onlookers

A D.J.Bobo Show without contact to the onlookers would be halve nice. This time, Bobo made something special. The People have been cut into four pices. No, better sayd four groups :-).
  • There was Southamerika, who did shout Oley! after a little dance.
  • The Greenlander, where it is a little bit colder, just sayd ssssssssss.
  • The Americans throw theyr arms in the air and shout Oh Yeah!
  • And of course, well who's missing ... the Swiss! For this group, there came a "musican" Child onto the stage, who could hit the cowbell to animate the Swiss people to a big muuuuuh!

    Bobo was gaming the dirigent, who brings fun arround the world.
    This is Geil :-) (Zitat Bobo)

  • And then I thougt, we could perhaps bring the countries a little bit nearer. Heeeeeelo you out there! And you, you are the American, who shout Oh Yeah! Do you know Swiss?
    And when Swiss people hear a cowbell, then they get cracy. When I show to you, then you hit the cowbell. 'Klong' Muuuuuuuh 'Klong' Muuuh
    sssssssss Oley! ssss ssss sssssssss
    ... SOME SONGS LATER ... ssssssss

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